What does «Kanban» mean?

Kanban is a method that helps to manage all types of professional services that require applying a holistic way of thinking about your services with a focus on improving them from your customers' perspective.

SBER Universitet together with Kanban Universitet and Microsoft, developed a course of 6 educational videos that describe how Dragos Dumitriu got started with Kanban in Microsoft, and his contributions to the Kanban community.
Dragos Dumitriu. Kanban Coach
Thanks to this person, Microsoft shifted from the worst to one of the best teams in the world. The practices that Dragos used became the basis of the Kanban method.
6 educational videos

The first video explain how the system of tasks and performers was arranged in the XIT maintenance team of Microsoft Software in 2004. The other parts tell how Dragos Dumitru became a project manager and adjusted the work process rules, so the first Kanban system was established.
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Producer: Maria Borovskaya. Scriptwriters: Ilya Kolosov, Aleksandra Onipko. Art-Director: Aleksandra Onipko. Supervisor: Aleksey Karpukhin. Illustrators: Dary Shi, Kristina Astakhova. Motion-Designers: Anton Kurilo, George Vald, Vasiliy Akimov, ALexander Bublik. Edit Engineer: Alexander Predko
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